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Hydro facial products
How much is a set of hydro facial products?

Please see price below

What do i get in a set of the aqua peel products?

You will receive x3 bottles – 30ml each of AS1, SA2,AO3

Do i have to mix distilled water with this hydro peel product?

Yes, you will need to mix distilled water with the product – A bottle of 30ml must be diluted with 370ml to 770ml depending on the desired concentration, so that the starting base contains between 400ml to 800ml. However we do not expect you to use 1 full 30ml bottle on every client.

What is in the AS1 Hydro facial solution used for?
Item Name Dr.CPU Super AS1
Capacity Concentrated 30ml
Suitable for Normal Skin
Main Ingredients The main ingredients of Super AS1 are lactic acid, which promotes the regeneration of skin  collagen. It can remove impurities and keratin gently and without irritation. Coordinated plant extracts minimise skin irritations.
Functions The Dr.CPU Super AS1 30ml solution is suitable for normal skin and is moisturising, stimulates the formation of new skin cells through gentle peeling and repairs the old skin structure.


What is in the SA2 Hydro facial solution used for?

Item Name Dr.CPU Super SA2
Capacity Concentrated 30ml
Suitable for Oily Skin
Main Ingredients The main ingredients of Super SA2 is salicylic acid. Due to the intensive action of salicylic acid on oily skin, the skin can be easily cleansed and acne can be prevented. It also contains natural moisturising ingredients to soothe the skin.
Functions The Dr.CPU Super SA2 solution is suitable for oily skin and helps to effectively reduce acne. It soothes the skin and inhibits sebum production.

What is in the AO3 Hydro facial solution used for?

Item Name Dr.CPU Super AO3
Capacity Concentrated 30ml
Suitable for All Skin Types
Main Ingredients The main ingredients of Super AO3 are a glycerin solution, soy extract, green tea extract and cypress leaf extract. These penetrate deep into the skin, specifically restore damaged skin cells, help effectively in regeneration, improve the skin’s immunity, moisturise and inhibit melanin formation.
Functions The Dr.CPU Super AO3 30ml solution is suitable for all skin types. It strengthens the immunity of the skin and prevents dehydration.

what is the difference in the 30ml bottles and the 400ml bottles?

Basically its the same solution however not mixed with water, so the cost of buying the 30ml bottles are cheaper then the 400ml bottles.

So if you mix 30ml bottle with 370ml of water you will have = 400ml bottle


Which product is best for skin types for the Hydro Facial?

  • AS1 is suitable for normal skin. Plant extraction without addition, removal of keratin sebum, soft and non-irritating, promote collagen regeneration, lasting moisturising.
  • SA2 is suitable for sensitive skin. Salicylic acid is used for oily skin, strong cleaning strength, no addition, effective moisturising and calming skin, easy acne and ageing objects.
  • AO3 Glycerin Solution, VC nutrition, repair damaged cells, help regeneration, improve skin immunity, inhibit melanin, provide skin nutrition.
  • can be used in combination,So no matter what skin it belongs to, it can be used.
  • Made in South Korea. 1 bottle can do an average of 5-10 Clients

Full ingrediants:

Suitable for all skin types to clean, exfoliator(soft), induce keratinocytes shedding, moisturise.
Ingredient: lactic acid, yeast extract, green tea extract and algae extract

Suitable for oily acne skin to shed keratinocytes(soft), remove acne bacteria and waste, natural moisturising.
Ingredient: salicylic acid, lactic acid, sodium lactate, aloe vera extract, honey extract and allantoic acid

Nutrition and hydrating, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Have a higher role in the calm and regeneration for damaged skin, have
excellent effect on the skin problems, making the skin tightening, bright and moisturising.
Ingredient: Vitamin C, vitamin E, aloe vera and green tea extract.


What does item on back order mean?

If we are out of stock on a product it will state ‘on back order’ which means you can still purchase, however there will be a delay in your items being delivered, as we will have to await stock.




Hydro facial solution

I Want to train in the Hydro Facial training course, where can i go?

We recommend using Rene Pro, they offer online Hydrofacial training courses – please visit


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