Hydratox Meso Tox Needle



Hydratox Needle Meso Tox

Hydratox Needle


Hydra Needle 20 pins Micro Needle/ Derma stamp

Hypoallergenic 24k gold plated microneedles
Array of 20 microneedles
Microneedle diameter is thinner than a human hair (<130 µm or 0.13 mm)
Sterilized packaging
Collagen stimulating

Due to the combination of fillers and Botulinum, we can achieve the following effects:
Tightening of skin
Acne scars
Botulinum (Botox or Xeomin)
Fine lines
Reduced pore size
It can treat the above conditions without the “frozen look” effect that sometimes occur with Botulinum injections. It will give you a refreshed and natural look.


Choose between:

x1 item – 1.0 mm needle

x1 item – 1.5 mm needle


Please note boxed may come in different colours*


Additional information


Pack x10 Hydratox Needle 1.0mm, Pack x10 Hydratox Needle 1.5mm, x1 Hydratox Needle 1.0mm, x1 Hydratox Needle 1.5mm


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