German Plasma Pen PlasM


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German Plasma Pen – PlasM

German made Plasma Pen


german made plasma pen


PlasM – Made in Germany. Expand your product range as a PlasM specialist!

• Upper and lower lid tightening
• Removal of benign skin paints
• Wrinkle treatments
• Correction of smaller permanent make-up distortions
• Treatment of (acne) scars

… fast, safe application
… Immediate effect
… natural result

Who can use PlasM?
Doctors, naturopaths and beauticians with aesthetic orientation as well as permanent make-up artists and microbladers who have professional experience of about one year. It is important to us that you can work responsibly with the pen.

The revolution in plasma treatment
The PlasM works non-invasively. An undesirable excess of skin is evaporated by a so-called arc. In our training you will acquire the technology to model an even, beautiful result. The optimization of the skin is immediately visible and the tightening effect is effective even after the treatment. Through the exchange of experience in advance and even after the training, you are always on the safe side.
German made plasma pen


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