Facial Steamer Machine


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Facial Steamer Machine

Heat up water and turn it into steam

Effective for:

1) Those with dry skin: Steam helps make skin fresh and moisturised.
2) Those with oily skin: Steam helps deeply clean the skin and make it clear.

Examples of Benefits:


  • This steamer includes 2 separate user switches, use for ozone and spray / steam.
  •  ① With a timer for you to make the treatment easier and efficient. ② Touchable buttons and a super big display screen. ③ With a ozone indicated light in the vessel, when you turn on the ozone function, a blue light will show up.
  • ① 360 degrees spray head & tube rotation, ② cup removable,③ aroma container under nozzle, ④ heat up quickly, ⑤portable and easy to move around in the salon.
  •  ① Do not use distilled water or purified water, it works with tap water. ② The sensor may not feel the PH value of the distilled water, it will beep to alert. You can add a little salt to the water. ③ Beware of the maximum and minimum water adding line. ④ Do not add some essential oil or other addition element into the water.



Ozone Steam Benefits

Ozone can help improve your skin from the following aspects:

  1. It makes use of ozone steam to moisten your skin texture
  2. It purifies your skin
  3. It promotes overall and easy blood circulation
  4. It accelerates skin metabolism

The gentle steam of ozone facial steamer will definitely make you look younger and vibrant than ever. The steam makes the skin suppler, smoother and makes you look ravishingly gorgeous. The procedure is Quick, Inexpensive but at the same time Effective.



Ozone & Aroma Steam

Rotatable Hot Steam Outlet

Cup Removable for Cleaning

Height Adjustable

Wheeled: Easy to Move Around in the Salon

CE Approved

Electric Requirement: 220V/50Hz (UK, EU & AU) or 110V/60Hz (US)

Power: 750W


Using the Facial Steamer:

— Recommended Distance between your face and the nozzle: 20-25cm (oily skin), 30-35cm (dry skin), 25-30cm (neutral or mixed skin), or 35cm (sensitive skin)

— Recommended Frequency of use: 2-3 times per week


** Please note that you may find some water mark inside the water cup, which is caused by examination of the item after production.
We ensure the item advertised is brand-new, unused, unopened and undamaged in its original retail packaging. The remaining water mark does NOT represent the item has been used by another client.
If you mind this matter very much, please do not make the purchase.


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