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mediselor beauty monster plasma pen distributers UK

That Little Beauty Store have been the UK official distributers since 2019. We offer the Black beauty monster plasma pen and the White Beauty Monster plasma pen. All Mediselor’s beauty monster pens include 12 months warranty and CE certification.

We offer Training academies wholesale prices, please email to set up and account.  ** minimum orders needed for wholesale costs.

What is the difference in the Black Beauty Monster Pen and the white Beauty Monster pen?

  1. The price is different , the Black pen is £819.00 and the white is £400.00.
  2. The black pen includes x10 plasma probes, x1 fractional tip and x1 thermal tip (price alone this would cost £170.00
  3. The white beauty monster pen includes just x2  plasma probes (cost £30)
  4. You can purchase the fractional tips separately for the white beauty pen (£35 each)
  5. Black beauty monster plasma pen has 4 settings
  6. White Beauty Monster Plasma Pen has 8 settings
  7. The black pen is more powerful then the white pen (we would say black setting on 2/3 is the same as white on setting 7/8)
  8. You can purchase a ‘mini tip’ for the black pen, which is great for sensitive areas of the skin.

Do i need to pay import tax?

If you have purchased your plasma pen and your shipping address is in the UK, all import taxes have been paid for you. . If you are purchasing a pen from overseas (not in the UK) you will have to pay import taxes.


How can i tell the difference in FAKE Beauty plasma pen and the real Beauty Plasma Pens?

  • Black Fake has 5 levels – Real has 4
  • White fake has 5 levels – real has 8
  • Circles on the logo instead of Triangles
  • Bought off Ebay/Amazon etc = Fake
  • fakes do not have CE/warranty card

how to tell which is a real or fake black beauty monster plasma pen






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